Academic Affairs

With emphasis on a liberal arts foundation, Towson University offers 66 undergraduate majors, 45 master's programs, and four doctoral programs, allowing students to choose a program that fits their passion. Through classes on campus and online, all year round, Towson provides its students the flexibility to earn their degrees in the way that suits them best.

Your gift to Academic Affairs frees the Office of the Provost to reach out to constituencies on and off campus, furthering the academic mission of Towson University. You can give to specific funds through any of the projects within the Academic Affairs cause, including Study Abroad and Towson UTeach. Your generosity helps ensure continued success for all of Towson's academic programs.

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  • Monica S.
    Monica S. '95
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    Anonymous '02
  • Sherman R.
    I Gave $2,500
  • Deirdre M.
    Happy to see, celebrate and support this scholarship for TU people!
  • Pamela  S.
    Pamela S. '16
    I Gave $100
    Proud to honor these two courageous pioneers!
  • Patricia & Robert R.
    Glad support this scholarship.
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    Anonymous '95
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    Happy to Contribute!
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    Welcome as you start your journey towards being a Towson Alum!
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    Robert G. '97
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    In Honor of Patapsco Middle School, Katherine Ivey, Counselor
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    David B. '07
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    Anonymous '00
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    Please support our wonderful students!
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    Learning is elementary and sometimes fun!
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    Andrea R. '90
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    I am so glad to support the legacy of Ms. Barnes and Ms. Harris.
  • Alison L.
    Alison L. '95
  • Renee M.
    Renee M. '78
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    As a member of the class of '78, I am honored to assist other public school students in achieving their education goals.
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    Anonymous '98
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    As an African-American female alumni (class of '98), I am honored to support an effort in honor of those that paved the way for my journey at Towson.
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  • viera w.
    viera w. '79
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    Glad to contribute to this scholarship in honor of these pioneers. As an African-American woman alum I am extra proud.
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    Anonymous '65
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