College of Health Professions

Everyone in the College of Health Professions touches the community—be they nurses, coaches, physical therapists or teachers. With six departments and more than two dozen undergraduate and graduate programs, the college trains the next generation through practical experience. With innovative programs like the Institute for Well-Being, the College of Health Professions has a profound role in the community's health and happiness. Our graduates go on to have similar impact in their communities, wherever they might work.

Through scholarships, research, materials, and help with patient expense, your gift to the College of Health Professions or one of its associated programs benefits our students, the university, and the people we call our friends and neighbors.

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    MEGAN A. '11
    I Gave $50
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    Anonymous '15
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    Anonymous '01
    Thank you for all your dedication to the students over the years. The best professor that I had at Towson.
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    Luis B. '14
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    Anonymous '96
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  • Shannon W.
    In honor of Dr. David Zang's retirement from Shannon, Melissa and Drea
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    We will miss you, Dave!
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    One of the best teachers at Towson University!!
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    Maggie R. '79
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    Thank you Dr. Zang for your contributions to the department, college, and TU!
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    Zanger the Great was a magnificent student and has become a surpassing professor, scholar, and author. He deserves every acclamation heaped on him.
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    I am giving because of great students like Nancy Kyei.
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    Dean McCann - Con Res
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    Janice C. '76
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