Dr. Armin Mruck Endowed Scholarship A Project of College of Liberal Arts

Offer Our Students a View of the World

Hundreds of TU students each year become better people with a study abroad experience. They have Dr. Armin Mruck to thank. After joining TU's history faculty in 1967, Dr. Mruck established TU's first Study Abroad trip in 1970, taking students to London, Rome, and East and West Berlin. It was a trip that touched off a 20-year tradition for him—one that continues with TU students today.

How Can You Help?

The Dr. Armin Mruck Endowed Scholarship, established in 2016, gives long-term support to our Study Abroad program through scholarships. Gifts to the scholarship in Dr. Mruck's name benefit study abroad students in the College of Liberal Arts. This kind of study can be expensive, but the value that comes out of it is worth so much more. Support life-changing, mind-opening exploration with a gift today!

Supported by 3 Donations:

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    Anonymous '87
    Dr. Mruck was a very influential professor to me during my time at TSU. Although I did not study abroad, I am happy to support his scholorship fund.
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    Anonymous '93
    Study abroad is more important than ever and it changed my life!
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    Anonymous '06
    I Gave $2,000