Electronic Health Care in Developing Countries A Project of The Jess and Mildred Fisher College of Science & Mathematics

Meet Needs Around the World

Towson University students and faculty are mindful of the roles they play in the world. The impact they make is significant, like Dr. Yeong-Tae Song and graduate students in the Department of Computer Information Sciences teaming up to enhance health records of patients in developing countries.

Patients' medical histories are stored and retrieved from an Electronic Health Record (EHR), but many countries do not have such a system in place. The research of Dr. Song and his team will help caregivers maintain patients' records over time, including demographics, problems, treatments, vital signs, past medical history, and all relevant clinical data such as lab test results. An EHR can also tighten the relationship between patients and clinicians, helping clinicians make informed medical decisions, provide better patients' outcome and reducing medical errors.

The project starts with TU doctoral student Lawrence Aikins assisting Dr. Song in aiding the citizens of Ghana.

How Can You Help?

Dr. Song and his team need your support to help health care professionals in developing countries provide better service for their patients. Your donation to help provide electronic health care records for developing countries bolsters all aspects of that work – materials, travel, research stipends and more. You'll not only be helping to provide a service for individuals in need, but providing valuable research experience to TU grad students as well.

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