Every Apple Needs a Strong STEM

Towson University is the area's first and leading institution offering UTeach, a nationally recognized program that trains science and math majors to teach their subjects in grades 7 – 12. They start teaching in classrooms beginning their freshman year, under the one-on-one guidance of distinguished science and math educators at Towson and at their host schools. Our Towson UTeach students graduate ready for certification, with more classroom experience than they can get in any other program—a valuable asset for them and a proven factor in teacher retention.

How Can You Help?

Your gift supports an endowment that helps Towson UTeach thrive with scholarships, stipends for summer immersion, and the best master teachers to guide our Towson UTeach students. By strengthening Towson UTeach, you help build a STEM-literate workforce to meet Maryland's health and industry needs.

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