The App for Rehabilitation is Here

Smartphones are seemingly ubiquitous in the modern world - and now, thanks to research by Towson University faculty, mobile devices are helping stroke survivors with rehabilitation. The ARMStroke app is available for stroke survivors who need upper arm and shoulder exercises, monitoring progress and sending information to healthcare providers. The app was developed by professors Katherine Tang and Heidi Feng in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, along with Professor Sonia Lawson in the Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science, and your support can help our team grow the app and its influence.

How Can You Help?

With your support, you can help our team educate the public about the app, recruit more users, perform additional collection and analysis of data, and modify the app for expanded use - including children with physical disabilities or those with traumatic brain injuries. Our team has taken some incredible steps to help stroke survivors; take a step of your own to support their efforts with a donation today!

Supported by 1 Donation:

  • ron  b.
    For the terrific work Sonia Lawson, Ziying Katherine Tang & Jinjuan Heidi Feng are doing to improve the lives of stroke rehab patients