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Turning Learning into Earning

TU may be where a student's passion starts, but it's not where it ends. The Career Center supports each student's journey, from finding a major all the way to working in their chosen field. Towson's students are hard-working, talented and motivated, but a degree isn't all they need to succeed. The Career Center puts them on the right path for a lifetime of achievement.

How Can You Help?

Your gift to the Towson University Career Center supports TU students as they follow their passions and work towards their career goals. Transitioning from student to professional requires support, training and the tools of the trade. Your donation helps the Career Center's overall efforts, including small things like business cards, and big things like support for the Career Center's mission of fostering students' self-exploration, professional skill development, and connection to employers.

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  • ron  b.
    For the terrific career mentoring work Lorie Logan-Bennett and her staff do impacting students' careers.
  • Ali S.
    Ali S. '14
    I Gave $20