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Carry On the Tradition of Excellence

A lacrosse stick is as common in a Baltimore kid's hand as a baseball bat anywhere else. Lacrosse is a Maryland pastime, and for more than four decades, Towson men have proudly carried it on. The men of TU Lacrosse claim a rich history of success, winning the 1974 NCAA College Division national championship, reaching the NCAA Division I national championship game in 1991 and the national semifinals in 2001. More than two dozen Tigers have gone on to play professionally in Major League Lacrosse.

How Can You Help?

Lacrosse is growing fast and becoming more competitive than ever, and the Tigers continue to excel both on and off the field. Your donation helps us to keep pace in the way we treat our student-athletes with training, travel and rewards for team leadership and success, plus helps the program grow as a unit and as ambassadors of the game – including its 2017 trip to Ireland!

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    Go Tigers!
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    Always a tiger
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    Proud to be a Tiger - Final Four College Div. 1972. Donny B.
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    T.O. M. '74
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    On behalf of being apart of a great Tiger Family-1974! Go Tigers!!! T.O. Moore
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    Drew M. '06
    Congrats on the trip to the the quarterfinals! Best of luck versus the orange!
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    Let's go Tigers!!! Baratta 88'
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  • Silhouette
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    Billy Hooper was our lacrosse coach and did not get paid. He is a former All American from U of Virginia. He was a terrific person and coach.
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    Go Tigers!
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    Proud TU lacrosse alumnus. Go Tigers!
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    Go Tigers Jeff C.
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    Congratulations on your 3-peat! GBWG
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    We hate Penn State!
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    Thomas M. '73
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    Proud former Tiger Lax player 71&72
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    Go Tigers!
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    Good Luck! #48 The Steinbergs - have fun in Ireland!!!
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    Good luck, Tigers!!