Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship A Project of College of Business & Economics

Make TU the Center of New Ideas

Towson University is already an engine of fresh ideas for Baltimore County. Now, with the advent of the Center for Innovation & Entreprenurship, we aspire to be the hub of entrepreneurship for the Greater Baltimore region with an eye on making a national impact. The Center brings together the strengths TU already possesses - talent in business, the health professions and education, along with an extensive network of alumni and community partners. That collaboration allows us to foster even greater entrepreneurial talent, ideas and opportunities right here on the TU campus.

How Can You Help?

Your donation to the Center supports these efforts and bolsters the significance of their impact. You help us engage an even larger constituency internally and externally, commercial research at every level of the university, leverage our community resources and relationships to enhance and extend partnerships, and empower women and minorities to engage in entrepreneurship. Our goal is to bring an entrepreneurial spirit to all our works, and to foster entrepreneurship as a way of thinking and acting in the 21st century. Your donation gets us one step closer to our goal.

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