Joseph Ferrante Memorial Scholarship A Project of Alumni Relations

Make the Key Play in a Student-Athlete’s Life

You may not know his name, but Joseph Ferrante was a difference-maker. In 1974, he won several key face-offs that led the Towson State College men's lacrosse team to the NCAA College Division title. Joe was never famous, and he died of leukemia just five years later. But his memory lives on in a scholarship for an unsung hero of the men's lacrosse team each season.

How Can You Help?

Joe's brothers in the Alpha Omega Lambda fraternity established the scholarship in his name, and your generosity makes it more meaningful and sizable. Without you, the next unsung hero might not be able to take the field. The 2014 award was $3,500. Keep Joe's memory alive, and be a difference-maker for his team.

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