Port Deposit-TU Partnership (Map Turtles) A Project of The Jess and Mildred Fisher College of Science & Mathematics

Help Save the Northern Map Turtle

Towson students are saving an endangered species in Port Deposit, Maryland! In 2008, Towson Biology Professor Richard Seigel and his research team discovered the state's only successful nesting area for the northern map turtle. Through shoreline restoration and the careful rerouting of nesting paths to avoid traffic, our students have put their education into practice and protected this amazing animal.

How Can You Help?

So far, Dr. Seigel and the team have pulled together remarkable support from the community and other partners, but they need your help to keep the turtles safe. Your gift today will help fund shoreline restoration, build a wildlife exclusion fence, and establish a combined research facility and ecotourism center. You can make a difference in TU students' efforts to save an endangered species.

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