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Make Fun Matter

Most students will tell you that the Towson experience is about more than classes. Campus recreation is an essential part—fun with a purpose, fostering camaraderie, leadership skills, and improved health and well-being habits that can last a lifetime. In some cases, it even helps a student's decision about returning to TU each year and working toward their degree.

How Can You Help?

Your gifts bolster the array of recreational offerings for TU students. Through campus recreation, we promote the development of student leaders and of healthy lifestyles through physical activity and experiential learning. Take the opportunity to be a part of that with your gift today.

Supported by 7 Donations:

  • Katie W.
    I Gave $40
    Campus Rec provides opportunities for students to take care of their physical, social & mental well-being first so that they can become great leaders!
  • Silhouette
    Anonymous '14
  • Grady S.
    I Gave $25
  • Silhouette
    Anonymous '14
  • Caroline M.
    Campus Recreation provides opportunities where I can see our students and exceptional staff grow. THAT is worth investing in!
  • Tia F.
    I Gave $50
  • Elaina S.
    For all the opportunities they offer me: job, recreational and social. To the expansion and all the wonderful things Campus Rec offers!