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Meet Their Needs, Ease Their Burden

At Towson University, 54 percent of students have unmet financial need, and students in the College of Business and Economics are no exception. Our students struggle to fill that need, making significant sacrifices at the expense of their dreams—some students work multiple jobs and can't afford to take valuable unpaid internships. Others work more than 30 hours per week in addition to taking a full course load and don't have the time to participate in enriching student life activities on campus. Despite these tremendous sacrifices, many students still graduate deeply in debt—some into the tens of thousands of dollars.

How Can You Help?

A gift of $150 for CBE scholarships serves to celebrate Towson University's 150th Anniversary, but a gift of any amount will go a long way to ensuring CBE continues to offer an affordable and accessible high quality education. We want to help more of our 3,300 students pursue their business degree by easing their financial burden. Be a helping hand today!

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