Speech and Language Center A Project of Institute for Well-Being

Speak Up for Others

Speech-language pathology students at Towson are already changing lives with their work at the Institute for Well-Being. With supervision from certified, licensed faculty and staff, our students have helped hundreds of people so far, and continue their outreach to the community through individual and group therapy services for persons of all ages with language, articulation, fluency, voice, and cognitive communication disorders. We help people with a wide range of needs, and when they graduate, our students will be ready to dedicate their lives to that service.

How Can You Help?

We charge nominal fees for our services that don't cover our costs. Your donations allow us to keep our fees reasonable, while providing funding for the staff and materials required to run quality speech and language services. Donations also let us start new programs, like WISH, the Wellness in Stroke and Head Injury program that helps long-term survivors keep getting better. Your gift makes a huge difference to so many!